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Associate Membership

Do You Care

About Your

Outdoor Heritage

as much as those who want to

deny you your right to enjoy it?

We at the Massachusetts Sportsmen's Council Do!

Why You Should Join

From the beaches of Cape Cod to the Berkshire Hills, our rich sporting heritage is coming under constant and increasing attack. The so-called "animal rights" activists, "tree-hugging" preservationists, over-zealous developers, unconscionable polluters, misinformed legislators, and others attempt to eliminate or restrict your rights through state and local laws and regulations! They propose legislation and restrictive local by-laws, which if passed, would deny us access to forests, beaches, ponds, lakes and streams, restrict the type of equipment which you can use in pursuit of your sport of choice, and control or eliminate seasons for our various activities.

The MSC supports and works to protect the professional management of fish and wildlife. Members of the MSC serve on many committees, commissions, boards and agencies, both public and private, to provide the sportsmen's point of view and expertise. Membership in these groups also provides a "watchdog" function for the protection of sportsmen's interests. Meetings of the Fisheries and Wildlife Board, state agencies and committees are attended by council members.

Today, it is not enough to say, "I buy my license so I'm doing my part.". Your hunting, fishing, sporting, or trapping license fee pays only for the operation of the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. YOUR LICENSE FEE DOES NOT PAY FOR REPRESENTATION TO INSURE YOUR RIGHT TO HUNT, FISH, OR TRAP.

As an Associate Member, your dues help the Massachusetts Sportsmen's Council to watch for and oppose legislation that is not in the best interest of sportsmen and propose and/or support that which will protect your rights and interests.

The MSC has initiated many pieces of legislation on behalf of the sportsmen to protect your rights and preserve our natural resources.

By becoming an

Associate Member of the MSC 

You Help Us:

Protect access to clean lakes and streams to fish in and open space to hunt & trap

Provide and preserve a clean and healthy environment in which to raise your children

Protect your right to firearms ownership

Preserve a healthy population of professionally managed fish and wildlife

Protect and preserve our natural resources and your right to use and enjoy them

As a MSC Associate Member, you'll join thousands of Massachusetts hunters, fresh and saltwater fishermen, trappers, recreational vehicle users, gun owners, boaters, canoeist, target shooters, archers, dog owners and conservationists with a shared interest in protecting and enhancing our proud outdoor heritage.

Associate Membership Benefits

Reports on pending legislation affecting your rights as a sportsman.

MSC meeting news

Representation at meetings and hearings at the statehouse and across the Commonwealth to make your voice heard.

Window decal

Membership Card

The organized sportsmen and women of Massachusetts are the backbone of the MSC. We encourage all sportsmen to join, participate in, and contribute to local clubs and organizations affiliated with the MSC.

Protect Your Rights, Join Today!

How to Join

To become an Associate Member of the Massachusetts Sportsmen's Council, Return to our home page and contact the Council by phone or e-mail and we will be happy to send you an application or send the following information with your check to

Associate Membership Committee

Massachusetts Sportsmen's Council

PO Box 191

Millbury MA 01527-0191


Name: _______________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________


City: __________________________ St ______ Zip _______________


Phone: (_____) ______-________ E-mail _________________________


Check    ( )1 year-$15.00    ( ) 2years-$27.00    ( ) 3 years-$35.00


Optional Donation for Legal/Legislative Fund $_______.____