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MSC Files Legislation to Extend LTC & FID of Servicemen

The Massachusetts Sportsmenís Council has filed, with Senator Stephen Brewer (D-Barre), legislation that will extend the expiration date of an LTC or FID of a member of the armed forces of the     United States. Under the provisions of this bill, an LTC or FID will be valid until a serviceman is released from active duty plus ninety days.

The FID or LTC of a serviceman serving on active duty is currently subject to the same expiration   date schedule as a civilian gun owner residing within Massachusetts. When passed, this legislation    will protect the serviceman from possible prosecution for the illegal possession of a firearm      without a valid FID or LTC.

This situation was brought to the attention of Council Lobbyist John Kellstrand by the father of a serviceman whose LTC will expire while he is serving in the Middle East. After researching the problem, legislation was drafted and presented to delegates at the December meeting and      delegates by unanimous vote, agreed that we should file the bill. Senator Brewer, Senate        Chairman of the Veteransí and Federal Affairs Committee, has enthusiastically endorsed the bill.      We are looking to get a number assigned and then a quick hearing followed by rapid passage by       the Senate and House.


Annual Banquet & Raymond L Gribbons Award Night

The Massachusetts Sportsmen's Council's Annual Banquet & Raymond L  Gribbons Award Night is Scheduled for April 08, 2006. 

Super Raffle 2006

Winners of the Massachusetts Sportsmenís Council Super Raffle 2005 will be drawn at the Council meeting on Sunday, May 07, 2006 at the Century Sportsmenís Club in Auburn. Proceeds are used to fund legislative activities and protect sportsman rights.  Ticket donation this year are $5.00 each or 4 for $10.00 Prizes this year are:

Prize # Prize Donated by
1st Ruger Red Label O/U, 12ga MA Sportsmen's Council
2nd Minn Kota Electric Trolling Motor MA Sportsmen's Council
3rd TC Black Diamond, .50cal Barnstable County League
4th TC Black Diamond, .50cal, camo League of Essex County
5th H&R 12ga Shotgun Worcester County League
6th Compound Bow - PSE DeerHunter MA Bowhunters Assn
7th Cabella's $250 Gift Certificate Berkshire County League
8th WINCHESTER Model 1300, 20ga Plymouth County League
9th Thunderbolt Black Powder, 50 cal Bristol County League
10th CMS Tackle $250 Gift Certificate MA Beach Buggy Assn
11th GPS System Norfolk County League
12th Kittery Trading Post $200 Gift Certificate Middlesex County League
13th Dick's Tackle $200 Gift Certificate Hampden County Sportsmen's Council
14th Kittery Trading Post $200 Gift Certificate Franklin County League
15th Kittery Trading Post $100 Gift Certificate Mike Moss/Worcester Fish & Game
16th Kittery Trading Post $100 Gift Certificate MA Trappers Assn

MSC Muzzle Loader Bill

Becomes Law

Governor Mitt Romney (R) signed, on November 22, Senate Bill 2255, a bill eliminating a conflict in Massachusetts General Laws concerning the difference between a loaded and unloaded muzzle loading rifle or shotgun. The bill reads, in part, "For purposes of this section, "loaded shotgun or loaded rifle" shall mean any shotgun or rifle having ammunition in either the magazine or chamber thereof, such ammunition including a live cartridge, primer (igniter), bullet, or propellant powder designed for use in any firearm, rifle or shotgun and, in the case of a muzzle loading or black powder shotgun or rifle, containing powder in the flash pan, a percussion cap and shot or ball; but the term "loaded shotgun or loaded rifle" shall not include a shotgun or rifle loaded with a blank cartridge, which contains no projectile within such blank or within the bore or chamber of such shotgun or rifle." The Senate and House both attached an "emergency preamble to the bill. Normally, a bill does not become law until 90 days after the governor signs it. A bill with the emergency preamble attached becomes law as soon as it is signed by the Governor

This bill was filed almost five years ago on behalf of the Massachusetts Sportsmenís Council by Senator Steve Brewer to correct the conflict between Chapters 131 and 269 of the Massachusetts General Laws and has been refilled each session since. Council President Mike Moss suggested working to eliminate this conflict in the

law and Council Lobbyist John Kellstrand drafted the original language submitted. Senator Brewer and his staff made some language changes this year to make it more legislatively correct. The bill passed the senate on a voice vote and a Roll Call vote in the House with no votes in opposition.

Governor Mitt Romney remarked at the signing, "Today, we are simplifying the gun laws in Massachusetts."

"It is important that the gun statute remains consistent in our law books," said Senator Stephen Brewer.

Representative George Peterson added "I applaud the effort of everyone involved to secure this long-overdue and common-sense fix to the statute. It is encouraging to see some positive action taken on behalf of the sportsmen and women of the Commonwealth."

The Massachusetts Sportsmenís Council is taking this opportunity to thank Senator Brewer, Rep Peterson and all sportsmen, gun owners and others who helped move this bill through the legislative process and Governor Romney for quickly signing it into law.

Passage of Senate bill 2255 will insure that no one hunting with a muzzle loader will inadvertently violate one law while, at the same time, being in compliance with another conflicting one.