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Raymond L Gribbons Scholarship Announcement

Amount: $500.00

Eligibility: The Raymond L Gribbons Scholarship is intended to assist a Massachusetts High School Graduate pursuing a course of study leading to a baccalaureate degree in wildlife, habitat, fisheries or forestry management, environmental law enforcement or wildlife or marine biology at an accredited college or university.

Application Process - Students must submit a letter of application including the following information:

1. Name, Address, Telephone number, High School, name of guidance counselor, name(s) of

    colleges/universities to which application has been made, names of persons sending letters

    of recommendation.

2. Submit an essay (250 to 350 words) stating why they wish to pursue their chosen course of

    study and their goals and aspirations.

3. Have 3 letters of recommendation sent by individuals (not family members).

4. High School transcript

Application Deadline: March 26, 2006

The recipient will be selected by the Massachusetts Sportsmenís Council Scholarship Committee and Dr. Gwilym Jones, Professor of Biology at Northeastern University.

The student chosen to receive this scholarship will be required to attend the Massachusetts Sportsmenís Councilís Annual Banquet and Raymond L Gribbons Award Night, to be held on April 16, 2005 at the Chester P Tuttle Post in Auburn, for presentation of a certificate of scholarship award and a facsimile check. The actual Scholarship award will be made at the studentís high school commencement, contingent upon college or university acceptance.

Send Applications to:

Scholarship Committee

Massachusetts Sportsmen's Council, Inc.

PO Box 191

Millbury, MA 01527-0191